Where does my journey lead?

Afrikya is a daily diary journal based on community photography to depict the incredibly varied facets of Tunisia's inland villages and wilderness in addition to its genuinely lively alleys and streets far away from vast yet narrow resorts.

We want more and more of our guests and potential visitors to gain awareness of those hidden gems, hence promoting more equitable, sustainable tourism in a country deeply divided by policies that favored a few coastal cities over the rest.

Little has been done by the officials to curb the stereotypical, reductive narratives aimed at promoting our diverse heritage. New-generation travel businesses and civil society organizations alike have been putting considerable effort into their respective areas.

We want literally to promote this newborn dynamic while contributing to the revival of the local intangible heritage, employing up to 300 thousand craftswomen and family leaders while most of them are struggling in a shadow, shaky economy.

Since its beginnings in May 2016, the non-profit project Afrikya has solely been sponsored by its founder, myself, in an effort to raise awareness among Tunisia's long-time and future lovers alike.

Your support will have a significant, building impact on the following:

1- Reach of the captures and the human stories behind them,

2- Travel plans tailored by returning travelers and first-time visitors,

3- Local economy is made of small businesses here and there,

4- Guesthouses, innovative agencies, and startups eager to invest in their cherished regions.

5- Policies that will follow as usual.

We believe that change starts with us, creators and supporters, all driven by our pursuit of authenticity and Renaissance in this world!

Thanks for your time!

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This daily diary highlights community photography cherishing the varied facets of the country's inland villages and wilderness, and pursuing its genuinely lively alleys and streets far away from the vast yet limiting resorts..


Khalil Gdoura

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